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Expert Patio Cleaning, Just For You

Patio Cleaning

Nothing hits home better than a relaxing patio on a nice, warm evening at the end of a long, hard day- but when your patio is drab and dirty, that can be a major buzzkill. However, patio cleaning in Hammond is as easy as 1-2-3 when Let's Geaux Pressure Washing and Lawncare is on the job! Our patio cleaning service spruces up dirty outdoor spaces so you can get right back to enjoy them, just like before!

Cleaning a patio or porch can be a hassle for homeowners, and it's the kind of chore that's easy to let fall by the wayside. Before you know it, though, your patio is stained, slimy, and splotchy- an even bigger mess to clean up! But as pressure washing pros, that's where we can help. Our patio cleaning service is safe, quick, eco-friendly, and gets results fast!

You deserve to fully enjoy your home's outdoor spaces. If you need a hand whipping a grimy patio or filthy porch back into shape, our expert patio cleaning service is for you. To get a free quote for patio cleaning, or any of our other fantastic pressure washing services such as house washing or roof cleaning, contact us today!

Porch Washing For Stress-Free Exterior Spaces

Exterior cleaning can be a real hassle, especially when it involves pressure washing or hands-on scrubbing. We know how tough cleaning dirty spaces and old stains can be, we do it every day! With our professional pressure washing care, though, you don't have to stress and sweat to achieve the perfect home exterior. Our service takes the stress out of maintaining attractive exterior spaces, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the results!

Outdoor Living Area Washing To Easy To Enjoy Exteriors

Nobody enjoys being surrounded by grime and mess, whether they're inside or out. Our patio cleaning service thoroughly sprays away all kinds of mess that gunk up your outdoor spaces, from surface-level grime to sunken-in stains. Once those stains are gone, you can enjoy the surrounding environment stress-free!

Frequently Asked Patio Cleaning Questions

Yes! We're lawn care experts in addition to being pressure washers, and we're aware of our clients desires to maintain healthy and attractive landscaping. Understandably, many are concerned about pressure washing near landscaping, worrying that it'll be damaged or killed.

We respond by working carefully and taking preventative measures such as watering surrounding landscaping beforehand, covering it with tarp, using biodegradable detergents, and cleaning up any wastewater. We want your patio and your landscaping to match each other in beauty so you can fully enjoy your home's outdoor spaces!

High-pressure washing is safe to use on certain surfaces such as concrete or pavers, so if your patio is constructed from those, high-PSI pressure washing is generally OK. However, that's not true of all materials: for instance; if you have a painted wooden porch, low to moderate pressure washing is safest. We change our approach on a case-by-case basis depending on what material we're cleaning, but the results are always the same: thorough stain removal and a major restoration in appearance!

Yes! Discoloration on outdoor surfaces is a common problem, and pressure washing is the perfect way to address it! Our patio cleaning lifts out stains, discoloration, and other mess to leave your patio looking perfect!

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