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Weed Control & Fertilization For Lush, Green Lawns

Lawn Maintenance

Any good lawn needs a little TLC to stay healthy and fresh all year long! For homeowners in Hammond who want a hand in keeping their lawns lush and lovely, Let's Geaux Pressure Washing and Lawncare has them covered with our full-service lawn maintenance!

When done on a regular schedule, professional lawn maintenance can go a long way in helping your lawn thrive throughout anything the weather throws at it. With lawn mowing, weed control, and other continuous care, your lawn will grow healthier, lusher, and stronger.

With a trained and capable crew led by a lawn care industry expert, we're proud to call ourselves leaders in professional lawn care for Hammond. Let's Geaux's professional lawn maintenance is sure to help your Hammond landscaping thrive! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can count on us to deliver the exceptional quality we promise. If you're interested in our lawn maintenance service, contact us for a free estimate!

Weed Control & Fertilization For Lush, Green Lawns

Every day, your grass has to battle with weeds, pests, and other pests for space and resources like space, water, nutrients, and sunlight. If it's alone in the fight, your lawn may succumb and become overgrown by weeds or start to die off. Luckily, we can be in your lawn's corner and help it stand up to the odds!

Weed control is one essential aspect of our lawn maintenance. If left to grow unchecked, weeds can suck up all the water and nutrients in your yard and stunt the growth of desired plants. By keeping weeds from taking over your lawn, we ensure that your grass gets what it needs to thrive!

Fertilization is another important part of good, ongoing lawn care. Most soils don't provide the optimal amount of nutrients to sustain growth throughout the growing season. Our fertilization ensures that your grass gets enough food to stay lush and healthy, and prevents you from ending up with patchy or dead grass!

Lawn Mowing & Edging For Controlled Growth

A lush, growing lawn is a good thing, but it's important not to let it grow unchecked. Overgrown lawns can overtake other landscaping features, provide cover for pests, and may even cause the grass's photosynthesis to decrease. Additionally, a lot of neighborhoods and HOAs take issue with overgrown lawns- and no one needs that hassle!

Trust us to keep your lawn trimmed and tidy! We provide lawn mowing and edging on a recurring basis that fits your lawn's growth pattern best, ensuring that it stays healthy and looks its best all growing season long!

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