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Your Local Pressure Washing And Lawn Care Company You Can Rely On!

Whether you need lawn care or pressure washing, Let's Geaux Pressure Washing & Lawn Care is your all-in-one source for supreme property exterior care in Hammond and its local communities! Established by Robert Blansett in 2021, Let's Geaux is committed to customer satisfaction by offering a large and varied number of pressure washing and lawn care services to make your property look awesome from your roof down to your yard! No more bouncing back and forth between contractors to get your property fully taken care of- Let's Geaux does it all.

Knowing that the job will be done professionally and in a timely manner will allow you to be able to relax and have time to do more of the things you love instead of cleaning and yard work. Our employees treat every job as if it was their own property. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that we rigorously honor with every one of our clients, ensuring that their job is completed to their utmost standards. We haven't earned our loyal customer base and large following online for nothing, after all!

If you're thinking of booking Let's Geaux's services the next time your property needs pressure washing or lawn care, we'd be honored to help. We offer all our clients free estimates for our services, so don't hesitate to reach out and ask for yours today!

Our Complete Pressure Washing Services

Our Complete Pressure Washing Services

From soft washing to high-PSI pressure washing, we offer an array of pressure cleaning services to help our clients tackle any mess their property throws at them! The following is our complete lineup of pressure washing services:

Our Complete Lawn Care Services

Our Complete Lawn Care Services

A gorgeous and healthy lawn can make your property look amazing, but maintaining it takes a lot of work. That's why we're here to help! Our founder started Let's Geaux with 20 years of lawn care experience under his belt, and oversees all services we offer. Here's our complete lineup of lawn care services:


What House Washing Can Remove From Your Home

There's honestly not a lot that house washing can't remove from your home! House washing is one of the most popular services we offer, and can clean up all kinds of stuff from pollen and dust to old, peeling paint. One of the most important things house washing does, though, is getting rid of organic growth like algae and mold, which can not only mess up your home's appearance but can actively harm your sidings!


Why Lawn Maintenance Is Important

Regular lawn maintenance is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining superb curb appeal. Many HOAs even actively enforce certain lawn care standards, penalizing people for having things like overgrown lawns and piles of leaves. Additionally, proper lawn care can keep potential problems like insects and weeds from ruining your landscaping!


Check Out Our Satisfying Work

Stucco Cleaning in Amite, LA

Stucco Cleaning in Amite, LA

For this project, we cleaned stucco and brick fencing. We removed all organic growth and algae from the surfaces. For pressure washing services in the Amite area, give us a call today! […]

House Wash in Des Allmands, LA

House Wash in Des Allmands, LA

For this project we completed a house washing in Des Allmands, LA. The owner, Amber, was thrilled with the results! For house washing or other pressure washing services in the Des Allmands area, give us a call today! […]

Tips & Tricks

  • Why Professional Lawn Care Rocks

    A good yard can be one of your property's most attractive features, but all the work it takes to keep it in that shape can start to feel like a real burden after a while. If keeping up with all of your lawn care is becoming […]

  • Why Weed Control Helps Your Lawn

    In addition to our work as a pressure washing company, Let's Geaux offers a full roster of lawn care services, leading many of our clients to come to us for professional lawn care advice. Many American homeowners have lawns, but not all of them know the […]


FAQs About Pressure Washing And Lawn Care

Absolutely! Property upkeep and curb appeal are essential for a healthy, growing business, and those are exactly the aspects our services address. We offer both commercial pressure washing and lawn care services, so whether your building needs cleaning or your landscaping needs sprucing up, we can help.

Our founder Robert Blansett, who works firsthand with clients and oversees all services Let's Geaux provides, is a seasoned landscaper with over 20 years in the lawn care industry. Our staff can provide a quality of work that is difficult for most amateur efforts to replicate. With our commercial-grade gear and expert staff on the job, we can also complete the work faster than it would take with you handling it all by yourself.

Additionally, our services benefit your quality of life. Lawn care is time-consuming and physically strenuous work, especially with Louisiana's infamously hot, muggy weather. Our ability to pristinely manicure your lawn allows you more time to finish your own projects, work on other parts of your home, or just enjoy your free time!

It doesn't take much to keep a home healthy and handsome! Most of our clients can get by with just one or two house washing jobs a year, which is consistent with pressure washing industry standards. Occasionally an additional cleaning might be needed in certain circumstances- for instance, cleaning up your sidings after a hurricane, but generally, one every 6-12 months is perfect!

You're not alone if you've got black streaks dirtying your roof- but you are in trouble, or at least your roof is. That stuff is a nasty invasive organism called black algae, and it's notorious for damaging roofing materials, especially asphalt shingles. Unfortunately, since it thrives in warm humid environments, it's a common nuisance in our area!

Roof algae requires a quick and thorough response in order to protect your roof from harm. Our roof cleaning gets rid of algae, mildew, and any other nasty harmful substances threatening your roof's integrity. So don't stress if you spot any on your roof- just call us right away!

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