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Why Weed Control Helps Your Lawn

Why Weed Control Helps Your Lawn

In addition to our work as a pressure washing company, Let's Geaux offers a full roster of lawn care services, leading many of our clients to come to us for professional lawn care advice. Many American homeowners have lawns, but not all of them know the particular ins and outs of ideal lawn maintenance beyond the basics, like lawn mowing or edging.

Weed control is something we hear a lot of questions about as lawn care experts. Weed control is a controversial service for some lawn owners, as some object to using chemical weed killers to control their growth. If you're looking to maintain a lush, healthy lawn, however, then weed control is a service you should definitely consider.

Why Weeds Hurt Your Lawn

Some weeds are objectively problematic and invasive species, while others may be native plants thriving in their environment. In recent years, some homeowners have made the switch to growing native plants in their yards instead of maintaining traditional lawns. If you're the type who prefers the traditional lush, green lawn, however, then all weeds pose an issue.

Every plant that grows in your yard has to fight for limited resources: space, sunlight, water, food, etc. Left unchecked, many kinds of weeds can grow much faster than the grass itself, pulling ahead in the race for resources. If enough weeds are allowed to thrive, they can start to choke out your grass, causing your lawn to die off.

Weed Control Vs Weed Removal

Some homeowners- and landscapers- opt for weed removal; waiting for the weeds to pop up before manually removing them. Weed removal certainly isn't harmful, but it can be an inefficient technique for maintaining a full lawn. Weed removal is tedious, often backbreaking work, and constantly having to manually pull weeds out of a large lawn is a major undertaking. Additionally, pulling out weeds doesn't always remove all of their roots, allowing them to grow back.

Weed control, however, takes a more proactive approach. Different weeds require different approaches, so depending on the weeds in question weed control can either kill off the weeds or prevent their growth from occurring in the first place. Either way, it tends to be an easier and more efficient method of keeping weeds out of your lawn.

Need A Hand With Lawn Maintenance?

Because weed control requires the application of certain chemicals, it's best left in the hands of trained lawn care professionals who are accustomed to working with weed killers. Weed control is something we offer as part of our full-service lawn maintenance work, and it's something we're proud to lend a hand with!

With Let's Geaux offering both professional pressure washing and lawn care services, you can count on us to keep both your house and your lawn in tip-top shape! To learn more about our lawn maintenance service and request a free estimate, get in touch with us today by calling 504-559-5523!

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